The Training Resource Center (TRC) at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is recognized as a model for unique and innovative university-based programs for human service training systems. The primary goal of TRC is to enhance the delivery of education, training, and professional development activities to clients. The services of the TRC range from training of new and veteran employees to conference coordination, curriculum development and planning, job task analysis, facilitation services, and system analysis. The TRC has over $27 million dollars in external grants and contracts with various federal, state, local and private partnering agencies. 

TRC Mission

The Training Resource Center is a customer-focused, university-based service organization that works through partnerships to strengthen the skills of human service professionals.

TRC Vision

The Training Resource Center, working in collaboration with post-secondary education institutions along with public and private partners, will help to develop a highly skilled workforce with the compentencies needed to serve children, families, and other customers.

Highly skilled staff are the Center's most important asset.  The work undertaken by the staff is important because it helps to improve the lives of families, children, and our customers.  The work of the Center is guided by the following principles:

Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism:  These are the standards of personal, ethical, and professional conduct valued by staff of the Training Resource Center.

Excellence:  Training Resource Center staff will continuously pursue professional excellence.  Staff will participate in ongoing professional development opportunities.

Quality Service:  Each Training Resource Center staff member will provide the highest quality product and timely service to their customers.

Teamwork:  Each person in the Training Resource Center is part of the same team and works cooperatively to achieve common goals.  Staff shall interact with colleagues and customers openly, honestly, and directly in building and maintaining relationships.

Diversity/Fairness:  All staff shall value and be sensitive to race, gender, and other differences.  They shall encourage and treat others with fairness.  Every staff member will be treated with respect, enabling each individual to achieve his/her full potential as a valuable contributor of the Center.


TRC Student Employee Spotlights

My name is Casey Spires; I have been a student at Eastern Kentucky University since 2011 as a Networking, Security and Electronics Major. I was hired as a temporary intern for cooperative learning credit in the Spring 2015 Semester.

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My name is Katherine Woods, I have attended EKU for the past three years and I have been employed by the Training Resource Center (TRC) as a student associate since October 2013. 

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